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What is Chinese medicine (or kanpo) ?

We were all born with a "natural healing power" that makes us live healthy lives. It is owing to this power that we can flexibly respond to changes of our external environment and internal body condition, to a certain level, thereby defending our health.

But when this power becomes weaker or the total balance of our body becomes out of condition, diseases are caused, involving a variety of symptoms. To deal with such symptoms, the modern medicine (Western medicine) gives importance to the so-called symptomatic therapy, which only tries to ease each of the symptoms separately.

Chinese medicine, or kanpo, on the other hand, tries to mitigate the whole symptoms and restore a healthy body by recovering the "natural healing power" or the immune system, and also by adjusting the balance of the whole body.
Deterioration of the "natural healing power" or the immune system is the fundamental cause of the disorders.

Yakusekikabo provides Chinese medicine as a cure of your diseases and also for maintenance of your health. Chinese medicine can enrich your "natural healing power," and can adjust your whole body balance. You are welcome to consult a DTCM(Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine), who was granted the 18th license as a DTCM ever given to Japanese nationals from the Chinese government.

About Yakusekikabo

Yakusekikabo, located in the Imperial Hotel,Tokyo, is a pharmacy that specializes in Chinese medicine (kanpo). Kanpo is especially effective against chronic diseases including skin diseases, gynecological disorders, allergic diseases, and many other physical and mental ailments that are difficult to cure through western methods. Regular use of Kanpo also helps you maintain health and beauty even if you do not suffer any specific disease. Kanpo medicines are all natural and relatively free from side effects, provided that you follow the directions of a specialist.

You have to make an appointment if you want to consult a DTCM at Yakusekikabo. This is because careful colsultation is required to determine kanpo prescription.

 Yakusekikabo was introduced in The Japan Times on April 6, 2003.


(An appointment is required to consult a DTCM.)
11:00 to 19:00
Closed on Sunday.

Price list

telephone: 03-3580-0259
Imperial Hotel Plaza 4F, 1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011

e-mail: info@kofukuyakkyoku.com
web   : http://www.kofukuyakkyoku.com/
mobile: http://www.kofukuyakkyoku.com/i/

DTCM(Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine) profile:

KOI, Toshitaka
Graduated from The University of Tokyo and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
MBA 1990, the George Washington University.
In 1998, certified as a DTCM by the Chinese government.
Representative of Yakusekikabo Pharmacy, Tokyo.
Author of "Kanpoteki suroraifu"(ChikumashoboChikumapurimashinsho), "Kanpo Bijin Reshipi"(Kobunsha), "Otokonotame no Kanpo"(Bungeishunju),"Kanpo Bijin Koza"(Bungeishunju), "Gorufu ga umakunaru Kanpo"(Business- sha). Writer of theses of "Characteristics of symptom of fatigues in recent Japan," "Effect of Fortify the Spleen and Disinhibit Dampness Method on Pollinosis."

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